We have been making skis for over 20 years according to the highest
production standards and using the finest materials on the market.

Blossom Ski, Sandwich Tech
Sandwich Tech
All Blossom skis are constructed using sandwich technology, a production method based on overlapping materials, with lower and upper layers surrounding the wooden core. This type of construction controls longitudinal elasticity and bending rigidity.
Blossom Ski Anti Scratch, AS Icon
Anti Scratch
The covering material gives the ski its aesthetic appearance and resistance to scratches. Each collection is renewed with different innovative materials, while always maintaining a good balance between beauty and resistance.
Blossom Ski, Titanal
This is a steel and aluminum alloy dedicated to the world of skis, together with the wood and Fiberglas core, it is one of the main ingredients that determine the performance of one ski compared to another, depending on different thicknesses: 0.4 – 0.6 – 0.8 or 1, used to create the character of the ski
Blossom Ski, Fiber Glass
Fiber Glass
An indispensable component in a ski sandwich, used with different thicknesses according to the specific ski.
Blossom Ski, Wood Core
Wood Core
We dedicate special attention to the development and distinctive character of a ski, and we have studied various blends of wood to give each ski different levels of reactivity, elasticity, and weight. We use the following types of wood: Poplar, Beechwood, Ash wood, and Paulownia.
Blossom Ski, Running Base
Running Base
The base of Blossom skis is sintered with high molecular weight, giving the ski optimum glide.
Blossom Ski, World Cup Edge
World Cup Edge
The edges of our entire collection are in a steel alloy that guarantees excellent hardness, from 48 HRC to 52 HRC, capable of ensuring maximum grip in any snow conditions.
Blossom Ski, Fenolo
This material is used for racing sidewalls, making the ski more aggressive and offering high reaction intensity, while protecting the inside of the ski.
Blossom Ski, Radical Sidewall
Radical Sidewall
The sidewalls of our skis are slightly concave, providing the ski with better inclination at the start of a curve, more stability, and better adhesion of the materials inside of the ski.

+ adhesion between resin and reinforcements
+ lateral inclination
+ stability and performance
+ facilitated and gradual insertion into the curve
+ resistance

Blossom Ski, Radical Sidewall Tech

All Blossom skis are built using Montana machines, a market leader in the preparation of the highest quality skis, for precision in every stage of the process, from coverings to edges and tuning:

• PRO TECHNOLOGY: glide surfaces without any imperfections, structured
and milled to be perfectly flat
• GRIPTECH SYSTEM: edge with a precise <90° angle to guarantee
optimum grip and the best possible carving. Angle adjustment between 89° –
87° at 0.5° intervals
• RADIAL TUNING: bordi lato superficie di scorrimento assolutamente lisci , con tuning ad angolo di circa 0,5° – 0,8° con Radial Tuning

MONTANA with the use of three levels of Montana, technology, offering sports equipment at its best, with impressive racing performance.


Blossom Ski has always carefully selected the wood cores it uses to produce its skis.
For this reason, it relies only on suppliers with controls along their entire supply chain aimed at supporting the protection of the environment. Blossom Ski makes sure that the companies it works with have a responsible approach to managing the world’s forests.
The SFM (Sustainable Forest Management) certification guarantees to us that the forest products derive from legally and sustainably managed forests, and that they do not come from illegal logging or irresponsible interventions, which can lead to the impoverishment or destruction of forest resources.

Blossom Ski, FSC Forest Stewardship Council
Blossom Ski, PEFC


We chose environmental sustainability.
The electricity supplied is energy coming exclusively from renewable sources.
We love the environment and try to reduce CO2 emissions.